2016 Pinot Gris

Sweetness: 0
Price Per Bottle: $19.00

A dry white wine with notes of lime, green apple, lemon, pear and white peach evident on the palate. Aromas of almond, honeysuckle and honey are noticeable in the nose with a nice slight acidity that leaves a fresh lingering finish on the palate. This wine pairs well with fresh vegetables, raw fish and lighter meals, such as fish and shellfish, as well as white meats such as chicken and turkey. Also pairs well with cured and/or spiced meats made from port or duck. 12.5% Alc.

2016 Chardonnay Reserve

Sweetness: 0
Price Per Bottle: $21.50

This dry, white wine is aged in French oak and cellared, contributing to its smooth, lingering finish. Prominent vanilla and toasted oak notes are evident on the palate. This is truly a cold-climate Chardonnay with buttery notes and hints of crisp citrus. Pairs well with poultry, roasted turkey and smoked salmon entrees. Great by itself, as well! 12.5% Alc.

2016 Un-Oaked Chardonnay

Sweetness: 0
Price Per Bottle: $21.50

Light, dry, with the full characteristics of the grape itself expressed in the nose and palate without treatment of oak. Crisp and refreshing with just the right amount of acidity for a smooth finish on the palate. Nice fruit forward nose of peach, apricot, green apple and lemon. Note the long finish with a touch of minerality.  Pairs well with seafood, chicken, vegetarian entrees, lightly sauced pastas, salads and cheeses. 12.5% Alc.

  • Silver Medal at the 2017 Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition

2015 Wolverine White

Sweetness: 0
Price Per Bottle: $18.00

A dry, crisp white wine made for the University of Michigan crowd. Notes of green apple, Meyer lemon, pear and white nectarine are noticeable on the palate, as well as white peach and kiwi evident in the nose. The acidity in the finish of this wine makes it easy to pair with many food options. 12.1% Alc.

  • Bronze at the 2017 Michigan Wine & Spirits Competition


2013 Pink Blossom

Sweetness: 0
Price Per Bottle: $21.50

A dry rose made primarily from Pinot Noir grapes. Aromas of rose and cherry with a smooth, slightly acidic finish. Note the mild lingering finish of strawberry. 12.7% Alc

  • Sliver medal winner at the Michigan Wine Competition in 2014.

2013 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine

Sweetness: 10
Price Per Bottle: $46.00

A Wine Delicacy made from grapes left on the vines through full maturation and picked mid-winter in their frozen state. This process concentrates the natural flavors and sugars to produce a rich juice of ripe fruit. Nice notes of peach, pear and nectar on the palate. 11.6% Alc.

  •  Silver Medal winner at the 2013 Michigan Competition 
  • Double Gold Best of Show

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2011 Dry Riesling

Sweetness: 0
Price Per Bottle: $12.00*

Delicate, yet complex, our Riesling offers fantastic floral aromas and intricate flavors of peach and apricot. It pairs wonderfully with a wide range of foods from tangy vinaigrette dressings to sauce-laden entrees. 12% Alc.

  • Bronze medal winner at the 2012 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition

Cheddar & Wine Soup

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2013 Vidal Blanc

Sweetness: 0
Price Per Bottle: $12.00*

This French hybrid is a hardy cold tolerant variety that does well in Michigan’s harsh winters. It has nice fruity aromas of apricot, melon & apple, very much like a Sauvignon Blanc. This refreshing crisp, dry white wine pairs well with seafood as well any spicy entrées. 12.1% Alc.

  • Gold medal winner at the 2012 Indy International Wine Competition
  • Silver medal winner at the 2012 Michigan Wine and Spirits Competition
  • Silver medal winner at the 2014 INDY International Wine Competition

*While supplies last, purchase  for $12 as compared to $16!

2015 Spartan White

Sweetness: 2
Price Per Bottle: $16.00

A blend of three grape hybrids (Traminette, Vignoles, & Seyval), right off the vines of the Michigan State Horticultural site in East Lansing. This blend is a nice semi-dry white wine that is perfect with chicken, pasta dishes or just by itself.  11.1% Alc.

  • Gold Medal Winner at the 2015 Fingerlakes International Wine Competition


2013 Traminette

Sweetness: 2
Price Per Bottle: $14.00*

A natural spiciness adds to this wine with hints of grapefruit and passion fruit. Notice the floral aromas of jasmine, rose, and violet. Pairs well with turkey, chicken, and seafood. 13.7 % Alc.

  • Bronze medal winner at the 2014 Finger Lakes International Competition
  • Bronze medal winner at the 2014 Tasters Guild International

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2015 Niagara

Sweetness: 3
Price Per Bottle: $14.00

It smells like a grape and tastes like a grape! The aroma of this wine takes you into the vineyard as if you were standing among the fresh, ripe, grape clusters. Its full-flavored, fruit-forward nature makes it a perfect pair for summertime meals. 12.7% Alc.

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2016 Cayuga White

Sweetness: 2
Price Per Bottle: $16.00

A crisp, semi-sweet wine with hints of pineapple, honeysuckle and hydrangea floral aromas. Light and slightly acidic, it is refreshing to the palate with a well-balanced finish. Great with spicy dishes, seafood, or main entrees prepared with creamy white sauces. Best served chilled. 12.3% Alc.

Golden Temptation

Sweetness: 3
Price Per Bottle: $16.00

In memory of our first wine dog, Buddy, our sweet Vidal Blanc was infused with apple and aged in French Oak. This wine possesses nice honey flavors with slight aromas of mint and sage, making it a great compliment to a pork tenderloin or lamb entrées. This is a very unique wine that is a must try!  11.9% Alc.

  •  Bronze  medal winner at the 2011 Great Lakes Wine Competition
  • Gold medal winner at the 2012 Tasters Guild International Wine Competition
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