A Mid-Michigan Garagiste Winery

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Burgdorf's Winery was established in 2005 in a three-car garage, thus is referred to as a “Garagiste” Winery.  Deborah and David Burgdorf started their artisan wine making over 40 years ago as hobbyists.  Deb is a Microbiologist who did fermentation in industry and research and Dave is an Agronomist who worked for the USDA as a Vegetation Specialist.  Located in Haslett, Michigan, the winery now has a new facility for wine production, but still has their tasting room/gift shop in their vintage three car garage! 

Their first wine was produced from an abundant crop of Black Capped Raspberries (which has since evolved into the double-gold winning wine called “Perfection”)! Over the years, Deb and Dave improved upon the first wine making attempt and experimented with many different fruit and grape wines – many of which have won awards!  

Burgdorf’s winery is a Truly Michigan™ winery, producing wines onsite from fruits and vegetables hand-selected from local Michigan farmers.  Those wines produced from 100% Michigan grown fruit are identified as True Michigan™ wines.  

Burgdorf’s welcome you to their gift shop and tasting room on their 5 acre estate where you can enjoy the country atmosphere and join your friends and family in tasting the many fine wine selections! The gift shop and tasting room is open year round (see Contact page for current hours), and scheduled appointments are welcome Monday through Saturday all year! Call the winery for more information at 517-655-2883

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